Sunday, 30 October 2011

Netbook October

This month has been an expensive month for the Power household. Ellie went to camp and had a brilliant time but it cost money and as we all know money is tight, then it was Ellie's birthday and at the grand old age of 11 she needed (yes needed) a net book, as somebody at school decided that it was a good idea to put year 6's homework on line. We don't have a computer at home and really didn't think that we needed one as we had the office and we can go up there but honestly is the office the best place to take the children when we have had a hard day at work and just want to go home, so our only option was to get her a netbook and join the revolution of home computing.
Neither me nor Mr P know anything about netbooks so which one is best? Who can we ask to find out? Then it hit me I have a nephew who is 21 and must know a thing or two about computers and what we would need (sorry what Ellie would need). So off I went in search of said nephew. I had never before realised how hard nephews are to track down, was he in the pub? Nope as he doesn't drink. Was he at work? Nope as he hasn't got a job. Was he in his bedroom? Nope although I only stood outside his room and knocked as I was to scared to go in. Eventually I found him at Grandma's house eating all her homemade biscuits.(See where I get it from now). He looked at me and took in my request then said "get whichever one you like it doesn't matter much and she doesn't need it to loads" Thanks for the advice nephew dearest. Next step was to order it on line and go to that lovely shop Argos to pick it up £189.99 later we are now the proud owners of a purple msi wind netbook and hopefully one happy little girl.
Ellie was away at camp for her birthday (sob snivel sob) such a strange day, no excited little girl waking me up by jumping on my bed screaming "its my birthday" while I tried to pretend that I didn't know. No bouncy child running around ordering her traditional bacon sandwich to be made now before she opens her pressies. Crickey I missed her. On the Friday when we picked her up she threw herself into my arms dropping her suitcase on the ground and squeezed me so hard I thought she might break me, she even gave Lewis a big hug which shocked us all. Once we got home she ripped her pressies open laid on the floor and started playing with her netbook, now if its not under her nose she panics that it is lost and when it is under her nose all we get is grunts of acknowledgements that she has heard us and might see fit to do as asked. Can't wait till Tuesday when the Netbook laws are passed in this house.
That's all for now
See you soon
Jo xx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Great British Bake Off

I think I am addicted. What to I hear you cry. Baking, watching baking programs and baking cookbooks. I have settled down every Tuesday evening for the last 8 weeks and watched Great British Bake off and just wanted to be there (although I don't think my baking is up to scratch yet) I have routed for and wanted to cry with Jo Wheatley. She has been amazing all the way through and all though she didn't get it right every time she was amazing. Her passion for baking just shone out of her, the obvious joy that baking brings to her life is seen in every bake she took part in. The idea of Limoncello and White Chocolate Croquembouche was brilliant and although it did collapse looked lovely.
The strangest thing is on Tuesday this week my hubby asked me to make a Victoria sponge and I kept thinking about making them small so that I didn't over fill the big one which is a bad habit of mine. Jo made small Victoria sponges for the final of GBBO and know I am going to do the same, although mine will not look anything like Jo's as hers were light and fluffy and just made to make your mouth water.
All the contestants where amazing but for me Jo outshone them all and deserved to win.

I have been baking this week, I have decided to work on scones as normally when I bake them they come out like little biscuits. I never get a rise out of them, until now that is and my mum gave me her recipe for scones. So last night I made (with Ellie's help) cheese and Bacon Scones that were light and very tasty. Below is the recipe.

2 Cups of plain flour
1/4 cup of oil
1 egg
4 tsps Baking powder
pinch of Salt
2 cups of strong cheese
1 cup of chopped and cooked Bacon
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper

Heat oven to 180Fan /gas mark 6/200 electric
In a bowl mix together the flour and the baking powder. Put the 1/4 cup of oil into the 1 cup and add the egg top up to 1 cup with milk. Mix the cheese and Cayenne Pepper with the flour then add the wet ingredients mix well. Turn out on to a lightly floured surface and gently press out with your hand cut out using a number 5 cutter and place on a tray lined with greaseproof paper. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Enjoy with butter and a nice cup of tea.

Please let me know if you make these and what you thought of the Great British Bake off and who you wanted to win.