Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Half Term Week

I have had a strange kind of memory this week and thought I would share it with you and wondered if any of you had similar experiences.
It must have been about 3 years ago (Ellie who is 10 was about 7 and Lewis now 9 was 6) We had been to my parents on a Saturday which is somewhat of a tradition in our family. I should explain that we do see them during the week but Saturdays used to be when all the grandchildren got together and could talk and chat with each other, now out of 6 grandchildren it is normally only my two that go and have lunch with Grandma and Grandad as the other 4 are aged 21, 20, 16 and 15 next month don't want to hang out with the babies of the family or the oldies. Anyway back to the point we had been to the grandparents for Saturday lunch and had started talking about old wives tales as I had an itchy nose and mum had said that meant I was going to have a row with someone. When we got home the children sat down and Ellie said "What does each feet mean mum"
I said "it means you are going to move or travel somewhere soon"
"how about itchy hands then mum"
"Well that means you are going to receive money on the right hand and the left means give money away."
"What about an itchy head mum what does that mean"
Lewis without batting an eyelid said "That means you've got nits" I still can't stop laughing when I think about it he was all so Innocent and I don't think he understood what we were talking about bless him.

Anyway what have I been reading this last week? Twilight by Peter James and what a great book it was too. Later this week I will give you my review of it if that's OK. I am now reading Bluethroat Morning by Jacqui Lofthouse. It has been described as a thriller and as of yet not sure what it thrills but I will preserver.

As for the diet I think I have gone into melt down (actually that would be quite good that means all the fat I have and there is lots of it would melt) I seem to have hit a brick wall and anything food wise that sits on that wall keeps falling into my mouth. I know that I should just keep my big mouth shut but all that chocolate and cheese and bread my body is crying out for so as I have had such a bad week I refused to go to weigh in last night cos I don't want the scales to laugh at me and tell me I have put on 5 stone and that I am useless. So starting a new week today and intend to stick to it. Oh except that I am going out for lunch with my sister to an all you can eat Chinese and taking the children clothes shopping in Brighton on Wednesday (must remember fruit and my HiFi bars) wish me good luck as a wave goodbye to at least 2lbs this week.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the ramblings of a mad woman and let me know what you are reading.
Love Jo xx

Monday, 23 May 2011


This is my first post on here and I guess you might be wondering what to expect, well basically this is for me to rant about the children in my life, fill you in on what I'm doing, what I'm reading and generally what is happening in my life. OK so doesn't sound interesting but I'm sure at some point in your life you have had children hassles and thought "am I the only parent to feel like this" rest assured that at some point or another we all feel like things are too much and that life can't get any harder. I can't offer any advice as I am only talking from my experiences but we might have a laugh and a cry along the way.
I am also a great reader or should that be a lover of books, well either way I like to read and when I am not shouting at the children to tidy up or get dressed I am normally sitting down reading whatever is at hand. I will give any book a try whether its got a pretty cover or is very tatty, if the blurb on the back of the book takes my fancy and transports me to another time and place I am generally happy. I encourage my children to read although with one of them I always feel I am fighting a losing battle although I do believe that she would read if it was about Justin Bieber. My son on the other hand likes reading and reads quite a lot although Beast Quests seems to be the only things at the moment with my small little hints to try something else being tossed to the ground in disgust.
I am also a crafter and love to scrapbook although that seems to be a fight that I am not winning as I have started helping my husband with his business and have very little time to get the stuff out the cupboard and set it all up only to have to put it away again at teatime. I go to a group once a month without the children to scrap but to be honest its more about the talking then the actual scrapping.
I am a member of slimming world and to date have lost 11/2 stone although this week has been a very bad week as food has been top of my list and every time I have past by the fridge its door opens its little light goes on and shines like a spotlight on to the one thing I know I shouldn't eat lots of, but it lays there all creamy and cheesy and demands my attention now, so without hesitation I grab the sharp knife and slice myself off a chunk then think better of it only for it to say "You know you want to one little piece wont hurt go on take a bite". How can I refuse I slowly and joyfully sink my teeth into the lump of cheese and my heart skips a beat. Why do I do this every time when I have set myself a goal. I have decided that it doesn't matter because if I put on weight then I can lose it again can't I?
Well enough of the chatter from me I hope if you have popped by that you like what you have read and will leave me a lovely comment. I intend to come back at least once a week to have a chat moan or groan and if you have any books that you love and think I should read leave the name and the author and I will try read it and let you know what I think.
Thanks for stopping by
Love Jo xx