Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hormones. What all ready?

At the moment everything is quiet and the Hormone Monster hasn't come out to play but I guess that is because it is 10:30pm so it is sleeping.
When the Monster awakens from its slumber it is hard to work out who might actually survive, if you can squeeze under the table with the cowering brother and the poor little cat then you might be alright. The only other hope is the bright morning sun will either blind it or subdue it in some way.
The Hormone Monster definitely doesn't do mornings but it will not lay in bed and read or listen to music, it has to get up and chase you around until you slump to the floor with your head in your hands and beg it to go away even for 5 minutes so that you can regain what little strength that you have left, regroup and start the running battle again.
The Hormone Monster doesn't understand the word NO and will certainly not be able to function without every electrical appliance being on at the same time this includes every light and radio even if it is bright outside. I think it sucks the energy from the appliances so that it can shout and scream louder then yesterday.
The Hormone Monster doesn't like water or brushing its teeth either. The mention of turning the shower on only results in screams so high pitched that the neighbourhood dogs start running to my door. Give the Monster a dinner that contains vegetables and you are asking for trouble, if it were chicken nuggets and chips with loads of tomato sauce then dinnertime would be a peaceful affair.
But I refuse to give into the Hormone Monster and as long as I can snatch my 5 minutes of recharge time then I will survive.
We have given the Hormone Monster a name its name is Ellie who was born a beautiful little girl on the 20th October 11 years ago and although we love her to pieces we will fight the Hormone Monster until it gives us back our beautiful girl, which from what I am told by others might not be until she leaves home.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Such along time xx

Why did I think I would be any better at keeping up with this blog then I was with my last one. I get all excited thinking about all the things I could be telling you all and then by the time I even think about it again I am snuggled down under my 3 duvets dreading the nightly dash to the loo that I know will happen. Yes I did say 3 duvets as it is so cold in our mouldy dank flat that on really cold morning we have ice on the inside of the bedroom windows which of course delights the children as they scrape it off and try throwing it at each other pretending its snowballs. Of course during the summer this flat is the best place to be, both warm and welcoming and one look out the window at the glorious green space and the beach just behind it we could be on holiday. We are so lucky during those few short months to be in such a beautiful location. We go out on to the green for a picnic and the children can run about as free as the wind that tussles through their hair, and only a quick run across the road to the toilet or to make a nice cup of tea or to grab the bottle opener. During the winter it is totally different. We have beautiful high ceilings (although during the winter a hard job to heat) which make the rooms feel rather large and airy.

Us down here right on the south coast have been very lucky this year (or unlucky if you are a child) and had no snow but bitterly cold. We could have had many a nice stroll along the prom or played football on the green like we do during the summer but no the weather drives us indoors and makes us close the curtains and all snuggle under our duvets (roaring log fire is in our imagination) with nice steaming mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows melting slowly on top.
Why is it that when we are as lucky as we are in this country we take it for granted. I never imagined sitting here in a flat with my two wonderful children sleeping soundly next door, the sound of waves hitting the shingle and the salty smell of the sea in my nose but here I am and if this isn't the most brilliant place to be then maybe I am never going to find my Nevada. xx