Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh What A Month

Well its been a really busy month this month, weight loss isn't going well as we have had a few reasons to celebrate so I have put on about 6lbs in the last month never mind I am sure I can get rid of it again maybe I should give up eating for the summer holidays. OK reality check it really doesn't matter but I have a problem with food and that is I like it and find that I get stuck in a rut then panic because I don't want to eat the same food every week. I am a bit of a cook and like trying out new recipes and making cakes and biscuits for my family so I have been struggling a bit. This last week I was really good all week and then along came the weekend and Ellie had a ballet show on Friday, 2 on Saturday and another 1 on Sunday so eating went out the window as I was a helper and usher at every show. On Friday I had a fried egg sandwich for tea (quick and easy) Saturday morning knowing I was going to be at the venue for 8 to 9 hours I went out for breakfast then at 10pm we came home and had a Chinese (Beef curry and egg fried rice YUMMY) on Sunday we had bacon and mushroom sandwiches then went out for tea and instead of having a jacket potato or a salad I had lamb chops and chips. Well that's another couple of pounds on then never mind I will manage to lose it again but maybe not till September.

We have also had a birth in the family my brother in law and his girlfriend had a baby boy on Tuesday the 5Th July called Dominic Jayden he is very sweet as all new babies are and I even got a couple of cuddles and didn't feel broody. There was a moment of jealousy with Lewis as he isn't the baby of the family anymore but when we went to visit them at home he was a very proud big cousin. Ellie was a little scared of holding him but uncle D and C helped her and she was fine in the end just very excited.

Mr P and I have also celebrated our 10Th wedding anniversary although celebrated might be the wrong word. We went out on the 7Th July just the two of us as my parents had the children over night. We went to a lovely restaurant called Mussel Row in Pei r Road Littlehampton and had a fabulous meal which was rather romantic. Then on the Sunday we had family round at my mums house to celebrate my dads Th birthday and our wedding anniversary but it turned into a bit of a nightmare as Mr P went missing and then got a call out for work. By the time he had finished eating he had to go and do the job (1 very cross wife) he dropped me and the children at home where I proceeded to sulk like a child. When he got back from the job I had got myself so angry that I probably could have killed him so not a good day really lots of shouting from me and lots of appologising from him but we are still married and hope that the next 10 years are just better than the first 10 have been.
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Love Jo xx

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