Thursday, 9 June 2011

One of those days!

I'm having a moment today when I think I have done something wrong but really I don't think I have, you see it started the week before last when I phoned a friend who runs her own business a nice little shop and told her my plans for the half term. I know she doesn't have much time as the shop takes up a lot of her time and when the children are at school I help out in my husbands business so when he is busy so am I. Any way right from the time Ellie was born I have always been available to see her on her day off no matter what day it is and it used to change quite a bit, nearly 5 years ago she took over the business and has struggled with it. Now most of the time she is very generous and spends a lot of money on the children and takes them out during the holidays but this holiday we had to go shopping for new clothes for the children on the Wednesday and on the Thursday we went out to Worthing with my sister. You see although me and my sister don't live far apart we don't see each other as often as I would like because of her dog. Last November her dog Luna bit my husband quite badly in front of my 2 children and because hubby is a nice man he decided that the dog should live and have training but the children aren't allowed in her house any more.

Now back to the original story. I phoned my friend and told her we would be busy on the Thursday (her day off) and we could meet up with her on the Tuesday if she was free. Unfortunately she kind of stropped and quickly said that was convenient for her and that Thursday was her only day off. I apologised and said that we would have all the summer to do different things and normally I put off things so that we can see her, but she wouldn't really talk to me properly. Its her birthday on Monday and I asked her in the phone call what I could buy for her but she refused to say and quickly put the phone down. Now my dilemma is do I make the first move and phone her and ask again what she wants for her birthday? Or do I wait for her to make the first move? Or do I just except that both of us now have busy life's and are moving in completely different circles and leave it at that?
I am sure that we all have friends that we still get along with but aren't in our social groups or have the same interests as we do. This lady is one of them we use to have things in common but now we don't seem to have. She still lives at home with her parents and doesn't have children or a boyfriend and doesn't go out much really except for aerobics on a Monday and the occasional meal with the people she works with. Let me know what you think I am just not sure what to do. xx

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  1. I would phone her again and act like nothing has occurred. Let her tell you if she has a problem. If she is still off, then leave it be. Don't chase her again. You still have lots of other friends who love you. x